Sunway Lagoon Resort Most Popular Theme Parks in Malaysia

Sunway Lagoon Theme Park


Sunway Lagoon Resort Most Popular Theme Parks in Malaysia. Being located in South East Asia, Malaysia is a country with good climate throughout the year thus has the capability offering tremendous outdoor activities for everyone. Amongst them are joyful theme parks scattered all along Peninsular Malaysia in various states BUT the one I am going to highlight here is the SUNWAY LAGOON RESORT.


Strategically located in Bandar Sunway, which is about 10km away from the city centre of Kuala Lumpur, it is easily accessible and reachable on public transports. Various highways can lead to this destination in short time. Surrounded by a prestigious shopping mall called Sunway Pyramid and various highly rated hotels, you should never worry of overnights as a day trip to this theme park is never enough.


Opened and launched in 1992 over the land size of 88acres which originated from a mining soil, this Theme park has a rapid growth over 25 years and still amongst the top popular places to visit in Malaysia offering more than 90 attractions across all the 6 different parks.


Admission fees are fairly reasonable considering the extensive fun activities offered and advanced online ticket purchases are available at any time. Depending on peak or offpeak seasons, some further discounts may apply too. To those travelling in large groups, take advantage of great deals in place most of the time. Another good point is, there are also certain extent of discounts on certain weekdays. Keep heads up and posted on


Sunway Lagoon Theme Park


Plan ahead if you wish to experience on all the 6parks available within. Some of the amazing rides may take some time for the queues especially on weekends and public holidays in Malaysia. Additional fees are imposed to those wish on skipping the queue by buying express tickets. Pay attention to certain rides for applicable to certain age and children certain height. Safety precautions are well taken care of here and of no compromise. Observation decks are well placed for the theme park safety crew members carrying out their duties. Worry no more…..




This theme park offers a vast range of fun for all ages ranging from kids with supervision to adults evoking non stop hours of family entertainment. There are few divisions and I managed to experience all of them having really awesome fun rides experience and laughter all day long.


Upon entrance, we can opt to purchase locker storage facilities and definitely ease to keep all belongings here. Once this is done, head straight to any of the parks as listed below and start the day with fun thrilling episodes.


The longest Malaysia pedestrian suspended bridge at this theme park offers a really breathtaking view experience. But most importantly, the entertainment activities being offered here are extremely joyful and full with fun thrilling moments.


Nickelodeon Lost Lagoon


The very first cartoon based theme, which is Nickelodeon park, was the first ever built in Asia.This fantasyland is occupied with splashing water rides and water playgrounds. In addition, you can enjoy beautiful pathways alongside, get soaked in amazing waterfalls and get dried up in recreational camp sites. Entertainment included here are namely :


  • Spongebob Splash Adventure
  • Monsoon 360
  • Jungle Fury
  • Kubarango
  • Splish Splash
  • Primeval
  • Hippo Valley
  • Wonder Steps
  • Explorer’s Camp Site
  • Explorer’s Trail


To those seeking thrilling rides or even adrenalin pumping head down first ride and prolonged fun entertainment, this is just the right spot of park to be experienced. The Waterplexx 5D offers a great experience to feel the real 3D visual plus sound and movement in a great ride cinematic mode.


Water Park


Entertainment included here are namely :


  • Vuvuzela
  • Little Zimbabwe
  • Waterplexx 5D
  • African Pythons
  • Flow Rider
  • Promenade
  • Volcano
  • Water Disco
  • Surf Beach


Amusement Park


Great adventure entertainment are available throughout this Amusement Park. The longest pedestrian suspension bridge in Malaysia is one of the key entertainment here. Nonetheless, you can see the world upside down by experiencing the Tomahawk ride or the Pirate’s Revenge ride. Truly awesome.


Entertainment included here are namely :

  • Carousel
  • Pirate’s Revenge
  • Tomahawk
  • Pedestrian Suspension Bridge
  • Colorado Splash
  • Grand Canyon River Rapids
  • Vultures and Butch Cassidy Trail
  • Lost City of Gold Scream
  • Fun World


Wildlife Park


Wander cheerfully at this home of more than 140 species such as pygmy marmoset and white lions. There are various educational activities for the whole family here. It is not only about seeing the animals, but you can interact with them under the supervision of the theme park crews. Some of the animals are even talented to perform and you can feed the gentle animals too


Extreme Park


Those enjoying extreme entertainment, do not miss this Extreme Park. The longest Flying Fox in Malaysia is here at this site. You will be geared up to perfection to experience this activity. Same goes to bungee jumping entertainment.


Activities included here are :

  • Bungy Jump
  • G-Force X
  • Go Kart
  • Paintball Shooting
  • Pedal Boating
  • Archery
  • All Terrain Vehicle (ATV)


Scream Park


Last but not least, get an amazing spine chilling and hair raising experience with goose bumps in the extra live actions with scary moments surrounding everywhere in this park. The key entertainment here is the Ghostbusters. Do not miss this activity.


Entertainment included here are namely :

  • Zombie Apocalypse
  • Horrorwood Studios
  • The Ghostbusters
  • Ghost Theatre of Fear




Information on all the theme parks are available extensively and this makes advanced researches possible prior to making any holiday trips to any of the theme parks. Loads of choices are available and they are located in many states in Malaysia. Within the vicinity of Kuala Lumpur itself, you can find few good choices available.


Depending on the type of holidays you opt for, wisely choose either only an outdoor theme park such as this Sunway Lagoon Resort, or only an indoor theme park such as the Berjaya Times Resort, or even both outdoor and indoor such as the Genting Resort theme park.


Those who fancy dry activities and drain their wallets for shopping, Berjaya Times Square theme park is so ideal. It is located inside the prestigious Berjaya Times Square Mall with cool ambient environment. You can spend your time experiencing the amusement park, not forgetting there’s a roller coaster ride available too. Shopping can be done next after the fun events, and carry your shopping bags straight to the car park in the basement. Public transportation is widely available outside Berjaya Times Square such as taxis and Light Rail Transits which can take you around KL to the next destination.


Another highly recommended theme park is the Genting Highlands Resort, located uphill in a very cool sunny area with spectacular view of Kuala Lumpur. It combines both outdoor and indoor too offering luxury stylish accommodation within the vicinity. There are public transportations available from the city centre of Kuala Lumpur to Genting Highlands such as private taxis, normal buses and luxury coaches. The journey is approximately an hour depending on the traffic and weekends or public holidays.


However, as easy as A B C, easy guide to theme parks in Malaysia can also be extracted with all the information required. Visit


Till then, wander as much as you can and benefit from these awesome visits.

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